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W         Wonder

ChildWINDS gives meaningful space to the gift of wonder. Both adults and children can benefit from less certainty and more wonder when it comes to learning and knowing.  Our potential as humans and intercultural beings stems from wonder. 

I             Integration

Integration--of perspectives, people, status, culture, ways of knowing and being-- distinguishes who we are and want to be.  Integration enriches us professionally and personally, and is integral to intercultural work. Deeper than diversity and inclusivity, integration is true representation of multiple perspectives, people, statuses, cultures, and ways of knowing and being, in our professional and personal lives.  

N            Nature


Nature is a teacher deserving of our attention. Every day, studies reveal further mindfulness benefits of nature experiences.  As a UCCE Certified Naturalist, Niki draws upon parallels between nature learning and developmental learning, as these parallels are highly meaningful to equity and social justice work.  

D            Democracy

Democracy grounds our practices and structures our process between mission and outcomes. Deeply representing multiple ways of being and knowing, and consciously learning about one another and our roles in the world afford us our humanity and possibility. Democratic intercultural development means we're all in this together, and developing ourselves helps all of our being. 

S              Synergy

ChildWINDS maintains that we are better together than we are as individual entities. Synergy is the foundation to Intercultural Development in the way that we are never finished. Developing ourselves in order to go forth in our lives with others never ends, as we are bound in one another's liberty. 

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